Isn't That The Truth?

Posted by Scott Utley on February 08, 19106 at 01:45:57:

A spiraling orb of sea green blue burst into a ball of

Fire-red flames, leaving nothing in its wake but a silence

Wrapped in a inky black coat of inner knowing. You

Beside me smiling that smile only you can smile said

Loud and clear, "everything will be just fine". Isnít that

The truth? Isnít it true? Our feathered wings

Were royal purple and newly sprouted. Dancing with

Joy from one cloud to another, we flew into our future

With a smile, an unshakable faith in glory and the

Arresting beauty of perfect faith. We both smiled that

Smile that only knowing God can bring. Pure joy; we

Filled the world with pure joy. That is the truth.

Isnít it? Isn't that the truth?

Scott Utley
Febuary 7, 2006

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