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Posted by Face To Face on January 29, 19106 at 23:54:41:

I am a lion, a lamb, a powerful man,

lover, hater, virgin and whore.

I'm funky, a junkie, I'm walking the line.

I'm a shaman clear out of my mind.

I'm a creature who rose from the slime.

Saint and sinner, I am two of a kind.

I'm a freak. I am weak. It is love that I seek.

I am more than I know. I am lower than low.

I'm your partner in crime stealing time.

I'm there when your sad, joyous or mad.

I'm the sun, the wind, and the rain.

I'm a passionate lover into the pain.

I'm the future, present, and past.

I'm a predator moving quite fast.

Spirit expanding, burnt heart imploding,

your lover, I'm forever true.

I'm fearful. I'm fearless.

I'm you

Scott Utley

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