Night Ride Home

Posted by Scott Utley on January 16, 19106 at 18:12:13:

It was late in the evening. The canyon was still. I was

feeling so bad, feeling quite ill. The stars blinking

code made for a heavy load, a heavy load. I saw an angel lying dead in

the road. Where did she come from? Why was she here?

My spirit was bound by petrified fear. I kept pushing forward,

tears starting to roll. And ... I hung my head.

I cried me a river Ďcause' that angel was dead.

Perhaps I was dreaming a story I read, but then why

was I crying, my hands covered in red? As... I hung my head.

I hung my head. Morning came late but that angel's fate

made me realize, the Lordís only prize was being an angel

spreading love with his eyes. This is my place.

Iím staying right here. - The sun started to rise,

tears still in my eyes. I want to love you but Iíll start

with myself and maybe come summer I'll be back in my health.

I want to see that smile on your face, but maybe next

summer, this isnít a race. Iím quick on the draw, but

changing my pace. And ... I hung my head. I hung my head.

I hung my head.

copyright: Scott Utley
Jan 16 2006

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