Is There A Phone?

Posted by Scott Utley on January 16, 19106 at 18:08:34:

Forgive me God for asking this,

But its been too long, I can't resist.

I'm wondering if I should dare?

All right, I will, because you care.

About my Mom, she still survives.

Her beauty is proof you're alive.

Her strength, her love, my God, those eyes!

But I digress. You know the rest.

Anyway, my question is,

how long before you take her home?

Is she there now? Is there a phone?

She's silent still almost three years.

How much longer must she wait,

Immobile, fetal, why this fate?

Why have you kept her up this late?

I'm never shy with you, that's true.

So if I may, I'll ask once more,

How much longer must she wait?

Is there a phone, and why this fate?

copyright: Scott Utley
Jan 16 2006

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