deja vu

Posted by dunne on December 12, 19105 at 09:51:05:

doom & gloom dude...hey
peace and love!

signals & images...
"beautifully painted missiles
arced gracefully over the roadway"
stuck in my mind...
chicka-chicka-boom... hey
free world delusional
madison avenue
incense and innocense
soon swept away

blood in our gas tanks
as we squirm down the road
saying i pledge allegiance
to the king of the hypocrites
our silenced defiance
the mark of our shame

'cause we're proud to be living
in the "land of the free"...
mother america
what will you be?

a killer in cold blood
a symbol of greed
destroyer of nature
with hungry to feed
sadistic street bully
wolf on the prowl
parasitic tapeworm
deep in the bowels

of our sad pathetic puppets
who follow our dictate
politically malignant
heads of the state

propping up criminal regimes...



one year beyond
our national nightmare
when we witnessed the fury
of unbridled hatred
innocent victims
caught in a cultural crossfire
over 3000 lives taken
in bloody jihad

pawns to bush's cowboy refuge
poster children of a well-oiled machine
sacrificed without concern of peace or justice
convenient excuses
to plot his father's revenge

chasing shadows in the desert...

dropping bombs on innocent victims
caught in a cultural crossfire

so that another generation
will learn how to hate
another generation that will plot their revenge...

where does it end...

when will we learn that killing is wrong?

copyright 2002

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