diagnosis critical

Posted by dunne on August 12, 19107 at 11:29:20:

"low man on the totem pole...

then strung up high & dry
swaying in the wind...

cut loose from my employment
pockets picked...
if i get sick
i fear i may be on the street again

lock me away....
just because
i can't pay...

mother america
rise and shine
your children have been beaten down
while you were sleeping

mother come and keep us warm
bring shelter from this storm

i've been drowning down & dirty...
deep in debt
i'm sure to go

watch me sink into this hole...

lose my body and my soul

there are 47 million of us
on a ship thats going down
and all those politicans
would just as soon we drown

america the beautiful
we need to see the light
we must all demand
healthcare as a right!

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