dr. seuss is rolling over in his grave

Posted by dunne on August 12, 19107 at 11:26:07:

"Its rudimentary, my dear Pigasaurus..."

he said,

"fundementary in an elemental sort of way."

"Like building blocks?

"And argyle socks?

"Like blocks and socks and clocks

that tic tock, tic tock, all night long..."

"Imagine that!...

The esteemed Dr. Pinter

a successful inventor!

And me, his assistant

with his piece de resistance.

Oh, what joy!

Oh, what joy!"

Oh, what joy!"

"Come along, Pigasaurus...

Let's take this tin can flim-flam thing-a-ma-bob

and utilize its doo-hickey function

at this particular junction."

Pinter and Pigasaurus

A Pisces and a Taurus

donned their capes and top hats

and skedaddled down the road.

A curious crowd

grew boisterous and loud

"What sort of madness ensues at the hands of a big bad genius?"

"My dear fellow citizens...

we are all flabbergasted

and tired of being bamboozled.

There are oodles and oodles of poodles in puddles...

covered in mud-dle...

and I have discovered

the kit and kaboodle

to scuttlebut the befuddled!"

Bewildered and beguiled

every man, woman, and child

looked to the doctor and smiled.

"Show us that tin can flim-flam thing-a-ma-bob

and its doo-hickey function...

With oodles and oodles of poodles in puddles

covered in mud-dle;

they slip and they slide

and never stay dry!"

Pigasaurus watched with amusement

as Dr. Pinter flipped the switch

and the tin can flim flam twitched.

It rumbled and grumbled and shook where it stood.

It wiggled and wobbled and sputtered quite good.

And the poodles all scattered...

barely splattered

by the mud-dle in the puddle.

And a wild cheer did rise!

"Oh what joy!"

cried a tiny young boy.

"Fi Fi and Muffy

will stay nice and Fluffy.

And my mother will speak no more of the pound..."

"Pigasaurus! Pigasaurus!

There are bright times before us!

They just can't ignore us....

We are brilliant and witty and proud!"

"My esteemed Dr. Pinter

it soon shall be winter

and the puddles will have frozen

solid as a rock"

"Then skates we shall sell...

It all will go well

and our other endeavors can wait until spring!"

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