the politics of fear

Posted by dunne on December 12, 19105 at 09:44:57:

chant the mantra
erotically hypnotic
stoke the paranoia
terrorize and demonize

encourage second guessing...

custom make your image
convenient and easily digested
find new accusations
create the perfect spin

feed the needy media
fabricate... regurgitate
saturate the airwaves

mimic the mediocre
scratch and claw for middle ground
perfect your condescension
derision is religion

no need to challenge
questioning is questioned

authority would not approve...

blind side idealism
tow the corporate line
initiate and litigate
grovel, grieve and whine

diversify your entourage
play the perfect populist
ignorance is blissful
complacency divine

"run and hide... the sky is falling!
embrace the status quo!'

lesser evils propagate
divided but unrepentant...
self-appointed "pragmatists"
fanatically un"democrat"ic...
well-heeled and distant
social conscience compromised
accepting of the unacceptable
entrenched in their defenses
negotiating concessions...

desperately engaging
the politics of fear

copyright 2001

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