recruitment for these lost crusades

Posted by dunne on June 27, 19107 at 09:50:43:

"sign right up to serve your country!

sign right up to sail the seas!

sign right up to rape and plunder!

defending "truth" and liberties..."

"sign me up i need the money!

sign me up i need the dough!

i need to pay for education

or deep in debt i'm sure to go!"

"we'll sign you up to meet our quota!

here's a pen now don't be shy

we'll promise you a free vacation

so much fun you'll damn near die!"

"i don't need a free vacation!

i sure as hell don't want to die!

i just want to feed my family...

a good career and apple pie!"

"ůsign right here to earn your bonus!

placement in your chosen trade

with lots of pay to feed your family

apple pies and lemonade!"

"i'll sign right up to earn that bonus!

twenty grand for blood and limb

with duty, honor and tradition

future's looking mighty grim..."

but the reaper ain't so grim these days

lots of folks to fill them graves

they buy the myth that jesus saves

victims of these lost crusades

copyright 2007

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