cliff dive

Posted by dunne on June 27, 19107 at 09:46:22:


never dine "california raw organic"...

in fact

they rarely dine at all

this privelege i enjoy

to be so working class

and luxuriating affluence

like those internet activists...

double shot espresso

caramel mocha latte da

with che guevarra fashion sense

i-pod loaded up

with bubblegum

and frat boy slam dance

the boho hippie groove

a friday night on fairfax

or a night at home alone

i've done it all a million times...


san francisco


on the road...

the sobering reality

that some patient's getting dumped

shoeless and oblivious

while i'm living it up

planning my next vacation

high and mighty white boy

living someone else's fantasy

cliff diving headlong

into a sea of blues

copyright 2007

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