when all his friends come out to play

Posted by dunne on June 27, 19107 at 09:33:59:

yeah, they've stripped the constitution

and they've walked away with money

and they've lied about the evidence

they silenced all the dissidents

they've sworn themselves to secrecy

stolen our democracy

i'm counting down the days

till this nightmare fades away

those fairy tale monsters

who crawl out from under beds

got nothing on these "terrorists"

who hide inside his head

dragons, trolls and ogres

make him pee while he's asleep

with the light on in his closet

and his issues buried deep

there are windmills to be jousted

and shadows to be boxed

with cheering on the sideline

from cnn and fox

death is never freedom

and truth is never lies...

justice is a president

convicted of his crimes


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