Edge of the World

Posted by Scott Utley on December 10, 19105 at 15:24:50:

I followed the song of the nightingale through the forest

to the edge of my mind. I remembered to cut lilacs from

the bank of the creek as I raced to the place where we

first met. The Muses found me naked, singing lullabies to

falling stars under a blue harvest moon. Fearful for my

sanity, they summoned the Elder Sprites and Green Wood

Elves, well known for their healing powers. Do you

remember the cliffs of desire where we first met, at the

edge of the world, near the temple of the heart where the

ocean meets the sky? Do you remember Frey, the golden bear

who wished us well? The Sprites, thinking I was crazy or

insane from hunger, fed me cherry blossoms and distracted

me with fantasies from the other side of time. The Wood

Elves on the other hand, being somewhat more hopeful than

their cousins, insisted that I was a sign from the Great

Source Of Our Belonging. They proudly displayed their

magic to me and showed me how they had learned to make the

stars sing. They taught me to expand my heart beyond what

I thought was its final frontier. They showed me how they

weave their spells with hope I might finally free myself

from the ghosts of my past and the image of you when we

first met. I could never let that happen though. Sometimes

Wood Elves can be so naive. I love this cliff near the den

of the bear where the sky drinks the sea, where the

mountains stand tall at the edge of my mind where we

bathed in the ocean of forgiveness. That was ten thousand

years ago but here I still stand. The Western Wind says

you will be home soon. I knew you would return. Please

hurry, my whole world is waiting for you. I am still

holding lilacs too.


Scott Utley
Decenber 10, 2005
Topanga Canyon

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