I Love You Forever

Posted by rosemarie on May 10, 19107 at 02:37:28:

You are on your knees
crying and begging me
not to die for you again
not this time.

You ask me to find another way
ask me to follow my feelings
saying only they can ever find you.
If there is a way at all.

I am crying too now.
I dont want you to be so far away.
Want you to be so close, closer
than you have ever been to anyone ever before.

Knowing that you are so lonely and so closed for true love
knowing that you dont know who to trust anymore
that you drink so much to drown your pain
when I know that my arms could hold and heal you-

makes me so sad.
So sad I want to tear my heart out and
hide it away
from the world forever and ever.

I am crying too. I dont want you to be so far away.
And knowing that we might not find eachother this time
makes me think: maybe I should have died for you again.
But then you kneeled.


copyright by rosemarie May 2007

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