After I have Died

Posted by Scott Utley on April 22, 19107 at 13:43:00:

Burnt onto the pages of my ancient history,

is the story of our love; a spiritual decree.

Penned onto the memory of my simple, fleeting life,

is the epic of our union, quite beautifully described.

I am stunned by the depth of your soul.

Shall I be forever mystified?

And this evening, brazenly confetti’d on a Hollywood freeway overpass,

I saw your initials set upon a fractured heart.

While my soul bleeds adoration in silence,

I wonder, is this love’s crucifixion?

Is this how Mary felt in the garden?

No answer is of consequence,

for what I will remember long after I have died,

will be the memory of your face,

indelibly inscribed.

Copyright: Scott Utley
All rights reserved
April 23, 2007
Topango Canyon, CA.

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