Flipp'n 4 Walls

Posted by Jennifer on December 13, 19106 at 01:00:51:

You ever been trapped in a box?

Not even one man made, noooo that would be to easy.

This is a box of light and less than, of flesh and blood

and memories, and restriction, and fate - if you believe in that.

This box is made of paper, some tape, and string. Sometimes it is made of bars, depending on what the day brings.

It is clever the way it wraps up and down and you feel the way it spreads around your soul.

This box is wrapped so damn tight, I can push with it with all my might and yet it doesn't budge. Damn.

The bleeping box I must love you, or I would say goodbye and once and for all we would be through with this twisted love affair.

This love of the past, and dreams that would not last, and fear, and sadness, and pain that in the end means nothing.

Nothing at all. I don't think I need you anymore box.

GO back from the depths from whence you came, the day I decided to give up my reign. Because you know what?

If I made you, then I can send you away. Goodbye, today I will enjoy something, something more than the comfort of your four walls. I send you away... no fight.

Just a breath of freedom.

Light from the shadows.

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