Simple life in Topanga

Posted by Alease on December 08, 19106 at 15:13:49:

Longing for Pat's
To sit on the wooden porch
To hear the plapp ~ plapp
Of the old wooden screen door

Sitting at the table
With mama on one side
Watching all the dogs
And their owners pass us by

To wait for hot coffee
Hers and mine
Just 2 country girls
Admiring and smiling

Reminiscing Mimosa
Just me and Bij
Sitting there content
With croissants and tea

Loving every minute
Of cultural but down home
Sometimes on the porch
Just us two alone

Isabella would come to the table
She brings something else sweet
And we'd leave her a tip
She was only maybe 3

I love the winding roads
I love all the trees
I love passing box car
And Hidden Treasures shopping sprees

All the simple things
In life are the best
Those are the things
That I never ever forget

Alease Dale
Copyright December 8, 2006

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