there's nothing civil about it

Posted by dunne on November 28, 19106 at 11:07:35:

there is irony in the fact

that GE owns NBC...

and the fact that much of their profit

is derived

from selling more than just lightbulbs

to the u.s. military

that finally the light goes on

and they've come to grasp the concept

of truth in advertising...

it's a bloody fuckin' "civil war"

the white house

wants to white wash

and sugar coat the fact

that tens

if not hundreds of thousands have died

and the media as a whole

still pussyfoots around

arguing semantics

"civil war"


"sectarian violence"

disney wants to disney-fy -

"abc presents:

the adventures

of the brave and courageous"

or how about

mickey and donald


"the mouse that roared

and got stuck in a quackmire"

a few weeks ago

a friend of a friend

was killed in oaxaca

while covering the mexican government's crack down

of the teacher's strike

in the aftermath of another stolen "election"

shot in the chest

for exposing the truth...

indymedia journalist

nothing sacharine about him

i went to a rally in los angeles

a few days later...

mainstream media nowhere to be found

the people of oaxaca

less important

than last night's round

of "dancing with the stars"

or semantics

about whether our guns and bombs

have killed in "war" or "violence"

bodycounts rising...

nameless and faceless

except to the mothers

who bury them in their graves

copyright 2006

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