karma language

Posted by rosemarie on October 30, 19106 at 17:07:34:

karma language
> my soul now forever carries feelings
> able to fill my mouth with words
> spoken in a language
> that only you can possibly ever understand.
> but i keep them tenderly wrapped up in the
> covers of my heart where their crying
> is getting louder and louder
> and i'm beginning to foresee their escape to the sky
> (where they must live infinitely unless you find
> would you keep me standing
> if our faces fit just as fine as our minds?
> would i fear you at first
> but then kneel before the impossible grace of this
> love?
> day after day i try to kill memories
> of moments we never shared.
> if you saw my wedding ring
> would you touch it?
copyright by rosemarie 10/20/2006

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