predators and prey

Posted by dunne on September 26, 19106 at 09:10:01:

i've had guns drawn on me a couple of times in my life...

the first while staying with friends

between places

their sports book operations

such a humble little affair

from an itty-bitty telephone

they took itty-bitty bets...

a little sunday morning action

to make the games worthwhile

the lesson i learned

is never take a shower

just before kick-off

of the season's final games

unless you want to be dragged and bound

by federal agents

with automatic weapons

the front door held wide open

as the troops storm in

without regard

for anyone soaking wet and wrapped in towel

the second time

was a pair of riverwest's finest

"serving and protecting"

who peeled out of alley in an unmarked car

4:45 am

while i walked towards my bus

armed with roast beef sandwich

mandatory overtime

mandatory fear

how was i to know that they were cops

and not some random thugs

like the ones who shot and killed

the owner of the little grocery across the street?

or the guy who was shot one sunday afternoon

stumbled into dino's

and collapsed in a pool of blood and died?

i ran

like i never ran before...

back to my apartment

tires squeeling behind me

looking over shoulder to see

two cops locked and loaded

ready to declare me doa...

suicide by cop

peeking out my window

and realizing

they weren't who i thought they might be

i dropped my sandwich as directed

and listened while they chastised me for running...

"what the fuck?!?

what do you think i'm gonna do

when a car comes screeching from the alley

and it's 4:45 in the morning

and i'm alone?!?

how was i supposed to know you're cops?!?"

they readily apologized

and hopefully left with the understanding

that the innocent in riverwest

often wind up prey

copyright 2006

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