Posted by r. taylor on September 20, 19106 at 00:11:29:

there is no way for me to tell him, hear?
there is no way for me to tell him
so i have to creep here
like the coward i am
and let the confession be made
between my fingertips and the anonymous ethers

if i could tell him
if i could say it
if the words would desist their shrinking
and drying up in my mouth

their damned premature dying

i would tell him
that i love him fiercely
and faithfully
and fully

but it is not to be!
do you hear me reader?
you are witnessing the final crushing
of that desperate impulse
to share with him such a beautiful secret
before i go

because i am
perhaps never to return
so there is no reason
to bring it up now

r. taylor

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