The Hawk

Posted by Barb Weinel on September 06, 19106 at 21:46:18:

Golden eyes that penetrate they hold me fast,
his stare I can't break.
He spreads his wings they wrap around me,
he holds me tight, I lose my senses.
I feel his hot breath on my neck,
my head begins to reel.
His lips travel to my throat then down, down,
ever lower.
He makes me shiver, he makes me soar,
he takes me higher and higher.
Over the treetops, over the lakes, up in the clouds,
then he sets me on fire.
I hold on tight, I can't let go, don't let this feeling end.
Then he gently glides down to the earth,
bringing me with him.

copywrite 2006
Barb Weinel

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