The Truth

Posted by Jennifer on August 17, 19106 at 00:20:12:

The truth is love, above all else
and in the smallness of me
awakens an eternity of
what my heart yearns...

It churns and burns more than I want
to know, and still the flow of your words
fill the depth of what is glowing in
my sight.

In the quiet of the night
I twist and fight that which is
so easy to see. Trivial in the
pivotal points that fly from my

My God, can I bite your soul?
Devour the insight that
you have told, just waiting to

All I can hear is the snoring and
the forlorning of beer mixed with fear
from the distant bedroom. Tucked into
the adoring wish of truth and safety.

Man, I am a fool that lies
in the rules that I think I need.
Where is that purple flower that
wants to bleed into the soil?

Into the fight of royal
dignity that would never loose shape.
That would never be something
less than...

My plan is obscure, a blur. But by God I
will never lay down and be unsure of
the lure of my highest truths, which in
the end are so easy to see.

The question is how will they be?

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