why do i spend 90 bucks a month on satellite, and watch a show that i despise?!?

Posted by dunne on August 13, 19106 at 07:16:42:

churned out

like cookie-cutter clones

much to the delight

of approving white bread parents

the men on these shows

wave the flag of surrender

to conformity

"we can make you socially acceptable!

completely unoffensive

devoid of creativity

and absent any soul..."

locks shorn

to the wild applause of co-workers

his wardrobe trashed

by so-called friends

regimented expectations

100 dollar t-shirts

1000 dollar suits

and million dollar crocodile smiles

let me have my own show

where i take aspiring young executives

give 'em six months to let their hair grow out

body pierce

and make-up

tattoo them with the circle-A

put 'em in skirts and combat boots

and march 'em out

to the wild applause of gutter punks and hippies...

screw the f#@!n' system!

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