cynical derision

Posted by dunne on August 09, 19106 at 11:50:13:

an acquaintance of mine

looked at photos from a party in Topanga

and commented with a sneer

"look at all dem hippies...why don't they get with the times...cut their hair and get a job?"

i laughed...and replied with a sneer that out-contempted his

"most of these folks are far better educated and gainfully employed

than most of you who march like lemmings

parroting the lies you heard on fox;

custom cut and consumer driven

right wing fascists

religious fanatics...

suckers who buy into that whole

red, white and blue delusion!"

he toasted me... a bit aghast

"peace, love and f#@& you too!"

i took my beer and photos and walked away

knowing i had trumped his game...

even us hippie idealists

are capable of

cynical derision...

(and some of us are experts at it!)

copyright 2006

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