I'll Take Palestine

Posted by scott utley on July 25, 19106 at 22:42:16:

If you give me Palestine,

I swear to God I'll end this crime.

I'll lay verbenia, purple glory,

along the path of Jesus' story.

I'll ask my buddy, Jolly Buddha,

to bring white roses, and Blessed Moses.

Let's ask dear Mohammed and Sister Mary

to feed our souls should we get weary.

Let's take those SCUDS aimed right at you,

and melt them down to different hues.

Let's paint love stories, grand and true,

about these gifts God's given you.

Letís ask all Christians, Muslims, Jews,

To blend their truths with milk and honey;

a special brew in a silver chalice,

and finally end this malicious malice.

We'll all take sips, become blood brothers,

or better yet, spiritual lovers.

We'll drink to love blessed in this chalice.

We'll make a thousand toasts to God's great palace.

Then a thousand more to the Promised Land!

We'll form a circle hand in hand.

We'll make a pact across this land,

and that senseless hate we used to fan,

will remain forever buried beneath golden sand.

And all the prophets will bless our peace.

We'll dance all night. We'll throw a feast.

We'll gain salvation. We'll make a stand.

Call out the doves. Peace to this land!


Posted on 07/25/2006
Copyright © 2006 Scott Utley

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