Be My Baby

Posted by Scott Utley on July 14, 19106 at 00:06:05:

At the end of the day,
sometimes real late at night,
you may be feeling real low,
something ain't right,
Come over my way and be my baby.

If someone has hurt you,
darn rain got has ya down,
perhaps you feel too, too, good,
but ya still miss your clown,
head over this darling, be my baby.

I don't want a thing!
I forgot all my tricks.
I ain't asking for nothin,
if you'll just come over my way,
and be my baby.

I got a lot of good food.
There's honey for tea.
Aim't no need to talk,
when it's just you, just me.
I'm begging ya, darling.
I'm dsown on one knee.
Head over my way and be my baby?

Copyright: Scott Utley
Topanga Canyon, Califormia
July 13, 2006

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