I, Witness.

Posted by Scott Utley on July 08, 19106 at 12:41:19:

The mind of creation constantly reveals its startling

secrets. We seldom hear. Messages are everywhere, in

everything, illuminating the many paths leading to a

deeper understanding. At our service, they are duty-bound

effortlessly loving us without conditions. Like love poems

written on the breath of the early morning light, they

wait to caress us. They long to free our sheltered hearts

with nectar from the inexhaustible wellspring of their

generosity. Still your fear. Listen to the wind. Take a

trusting dive into perfect faith. Rustling leaves along

the creek sound like enchanted nights of blissful passion.

The universe loves every living thing with profound

affection. Ecstasy, sweeter than the taste of a loverís

lips, is our birthright if we will simply stop and listen

to the silky winds of promised hope. All life is a

masterpiece emerging from the palette of God. The source

of our great belonging simply wants to send us shock-waves

of bliss. First we must let the eyes of our self-pity

overflow their blurry banks. We then will see the timeless

beauty of the simplest things. Prophets from the cosmic

burst, when eternity was born, will walk us through the

darkest night, then dance with us all day, if only we

whisper yes to life.

Scott Utley
Topanga Canyon
July 8, 2006

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