Spirit Dreams of a Mystic Sea

Posted by Scott Utley on July 02, 19106 at 11:03:04:

There are times my unconscious mind

becomes a maze my soul cannot navigate.

I struggle against my destiny. I fall faint from fatigue.

I shun embracing my grief. I'm an abusive lover.

I leave bloody hickeys on the sky and callous, ragged

tooth marks on a lovelorn moon. Some days I lay

prostrate in the corner of a windowless room.

It is then I become an hysterical, hideous, heap of a man.

I have what I do not want. I want what I do not have.

Still other times, I become one with the dolphins.

I dance across a star-domed astro-lab.

My silhouette leaves bite marks on the moon.

My passion leaves hickeys on the sky.

I am an ancient acrobat soaring above a mystic sea,

all the while, there is a man in the moon gently smiling upon me.


Posted on 06/26/2006
Copyright 2006 Scott Utley

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