water always brings on the angst-istential

Posted by dunne on June 27, 19106 at 08:31:05:

sitting on the rocks behind gladstone's...

waves crash and the ocean splashes

(the rising tide of life about to drown me...)

suddenly 17 and in chicago once again...

el lago black and churning in the grey

41 years adrift

and pissed

and f*@# if you wont let me hang myself again

whether its beaten and treed

or 20 years forgotten

trust me...

even the most docile dog will bite you

if you kick him when hes down

haunted by truths

and false reflections

endless self-discovery

and drudgery

isolation self-imposed

and frozen

I am a dichotomy

of the obvious and hidden...

punk rock poetess

and heavy metal madman

We-Ho drag queen

white trash speed freak






pick me off at close range

and you can mount me on the wall

or catch me and release me...

let me flop around in this surf

gasping for my breath

copyright 2006

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