recurrent rust-belt nightmares from the industrial heartland

Posted by dunne on June 02, 19106 at 09:09:09:

life in treadmill time (salvagable excerpts!):

Five o'clock mindset...
All day long the murky image lingers
enveloped in the brain scan fodder
of treadmill time...

The walls are staring back at me.
I'll eat a slice of Karma pie
and cloak myself in fantasy...
I'll purge my shallow constitution
and strip it clean of my impurities.

Day after day
the humdrum buzz of endless repetition
hypnotizes with the clicks and whirrs
of riveters and ceiling fans.
Thoughts become random access blurbs
Reality begins to wander...

I spend eight hours a day
creating the impetus for mass consumption.
Helping to entice the public
into buying our cultural obsolecense.

Like sheep being led to slaughter
we follow the flock
as our "wise" and mighty leaders
gather 'round to ponder
who just might be
our latest "Hitler" of the week.

The war machines keep churning out
the tools for mass destruction.
Our instinct to survive
is beaten down
by our capacity to kill.

Ask not what you can do for your country...
What the hell has your country done to you?

copyright 2006 (written 1990-1992)

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