The Silent Sea

Posted by Scott Utley on May 29, 19106 at 09:10:19:

I wade knee deep into the silent sea. It's stillness

revelling in the salt tears of a million ghosts not unlike

me,imbued with the spirit of the archetype of love.

Painted on an aqua-blue slab, I am grist for your mill.

You are nourishment flung into the belly of my heart.

I am the future feast my lover's moonlight will feed upon.

Hear the joy of the clamouring condor's blessing. Her

interpretations are gifted onto the pages of

timelessness, like the lettering of rose colored scribes.

I anticipate the shock that erupts when the ocean swallows

my slow, sweeping, submersible love. My heart's oyster is

cracked and brimming over with tear shaped pearls. I take

each perfect black and silver baubble and return it back

to Mother's womb. I offer praise and gratitude to her for

giving me a peek into the promise of her perfect

embryo, which is perfect love always at the beginning.

In the equisite reflection of my pearls, there shimmers

the face of my lover; salt tears unhindered, flowing

without self awareness to the sea on the frothy veil of

freedom's love. I wade deeper still with joy's clamouring

blessing, farther and farther out. I am drowning in your

perfection. Happiness bathes me in this watery grave of

love. Cast your pearls and I am richer for it.

I catch them, black, white, light, and hurl them back into

the universe with all my might.

Scott Utley
May 29 2006

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