The love I thought I had...

Posted by Enzzema Cook on April 25, 19106 at 01:14:53:

I never realized how much I've opened up my heart,
Until it hurt
I never realized I was giving it my all,
Until it hurt
I trusted you with my thoughts, feelings and most importantly, my heart
And then I was forced to take a step back,
When it hurt
I feel the pain they all said I would one day feel,
And it really does hurt
I searched within myself to find the reason, but it wasn't me who made my heart hurt
Or was it?
I gave my all, innocently naive they call it
I guess I let you make me hurt my heart
I thought it would be fun and all,
You experienced with life's experiences and me learning from your mistakes
We were to grow purely in God,
You to forget your past, me to forgive you of your past
And everything to be fine
But I have to think really hard,
Until it hurts
I often wondered what went on in your mind at times,
Does it hurt?
You often said, "You're so beautiful", "A prayer come true",
But now what would you do, when I say
"Is this all true?"
What I thought was real, really wasn't,
And that is what really hurts
Isn't it true?
I wonder how you would really feel,
If I were to get up and leave you
Would you stay true, and bring me back to you?
Or would you soon forget, only to find a new "BOO"
That is what it's like when you thought you had something TRUE,
Only to find out that you're only a number "two"

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