A Celestial Orchestration

Posted by Scott Utley on April 12, 19106 at 00:03:10:

I once witnessed

A brilliant platinum galaxy

Abruptly vanish

Into a hovering cloud

Of dense

Erotic black


I saw a stunning world

Hanging on a mid-night sky

Like a black pearl

A world

Just as ravishing

As our very own cobalt orb


Into lava-red flames

Then cease to exist


I was once

A butterfly that loved

To dance in circles

To the beat of the sun


Iíve been charmed

By the ruby-red eyes

Of duskís

Swollen sky




Iíve been hypnotized

By defiant stars

Pelting Herculesí sky

Over an Aegean Sea


An infant

Opens her eyes

For the very first time

And the Universe is born

Once again



Every face

Is the face of God

The lovely face of God




Have I ever

Laid eyes

On one so beautiful

As you

Posted on 04/11/2006
Copyright © 2006 Scott Utley

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