Sailors Nightmare

Posted by Thad on April 09, 19106 at 00:24:29:

High tides gather, pulsing sand in frenetic abandonment.
Cliff drop long and dark, touches water vapor far below.

Seaweed nesting in orgasmic crush,
Brine smell emanates from the slithery intertwining.

Blended beyond reality, midnight beckons,
Wind swept rocks glitter in subtle layering.

Feel the moon ridden rhythmic tide pulse.
It has mesmerizing, hypnotic, bondage.

A darkened ship ripples across this molten sea.
Itís wake a finger of white.

Lightning traces the skies like branches on a tree,
Static pulses raise the hair on sailorís necks.

Pagan troll hides on rocks whipped by spray.
Heís busy gargling saltwater pudding.

This troll has Neptune worship,
He eats the ship in gobbling gluttony.
Fragments scatter around circling sharks.

A munching broadcast.

Haunting, deadly, tune ethereal,
Siren witches play
Havoc in the bitter night.

Trolls burp is long and hard.

Thad 06

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