Topanga Dawn

Posted by Scott Utley on March 23, 19106 at 10:49:24:

The light of the sun is teasing the morning. Mocking me,

as boisterous deities are known to do. She meanders when

she thinks I am impatient; reducing, then enlarging me, as

if I am simply a second thought or one of her whimsical

fantasies no lighter than air. A bewitching trickster who

artfully conceals her flames, she is a fire-breathing orb

and Chimera is her name. Those mornings I feel most holy

are the mornings she is the sternest mother. Prone to

delusions and distractions, I am a neophyte at the art of

letting go. I easily forget. A single ray, a solitary bolt

of her eternal light is all it takes to humble me. She

illuminates my flimsy truths with a furious and brutal

passion. Her clarion call is a lullaby to nocturnal

pranksters everywhere. To creatures great and small and in-

between like the crickets and frogs and their pals with

no name, whom having frolicked all evening in the bobcat's

lair, are sated and jolly and ready for rest. Amber shards

begin piercing the night as the hawks with the river red

shoulders flex their wings on the trampoline sky. A chorus

of praise for this glorious day erupts from morning

marauders. Noble cranes dressed in feathers of blue come

together to pray in the mist. They are a benediction, for

you, me, and all Godís creatures yet to be.


Scott Utley
Topanga Canyon
April 1, 2006

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