Sunday Morning

Posted by Sunny on March 19, 19106 at 13:25:35:

a perfect sunday morning new
and finally the sun reveals itself to you
a gentle ray peeping through the clouds
a tiny rainbow so pretty right now

tender feelings are still there
for someone you love and always will
no longer sad that they let go
as they are happy, and that you know

and for you, soon spring will come
with pretty flowers and lots of sun
where rain did leave none thirsty nor dry
and the sweetest most beautiful starry nights

before the sun, there is always rain
and with it comes so much pain
but it will only help you know
when things are right
to appreciate them more

life is but a winding road
where we end up no one knows
but where ever it is
keep a smile on your face
never rush anything
and always be graceful...

Sunday March 19, 2006 10:20 am pst

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