It's Over Now

Posted by Sunny on March 12, 19106 at 11:36:54:

It's Over Now

Copy and paste the words he wrote to her
They are the only ones you need to see
And the response that he got back from her
That is all you need to read

You are in a war now
A war with your heart
Saftely and gently care for it
And never from it part

It knows not what is good for you
It only knows love
Don't leave it vulnerable
To be hurt anymore

Don't go back to the places you knew
No one there ever really cared
Those are all just rhyming words
Just leave them sitting if they are ever there

One day you will find love
So gentle and so true
And when someone says loving words to you
You will know they mean them too

You will know by what they do
Not just what they say
The important thing now
Is to remain in the trenches
And fight for your heart each day

Concentrate on what will help you
Take care of your needs
Clean you palate really good
For life, and you will succeed

You'll look back and someday see
The good things you did for yourself
When you had no one to care and love you
And left you on the shelf

Now is the time to care for you
You've cared for everyone else
Only to be left alone
They got what they needed and left

Don't feel sorry for yourself
When you feel bad, read these words
Grow for yourself a new garden of flowers and dreams
Complete with singing birds

Line the clouds that you see
With Purple, pink, and blue
Silvery water drops that will sprinkle now and then
To make your dreams grow true

Don't feel sad for what has happened
Because now you know the truth
If you were really truly loved
He would have been there for you

Don't cry, hold back all your tears
And someday they will go away
You have to hold yourself up strong
And just keep going straight

Don't look behind you
Don't revisit the past
It will help you to move on
This time will be the last

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