Road kill

Posted by Thad on March 11, 19106 at 21:33:23:

The rot monster bleeds contagious plague among festering road kill,
Babbling insensibly to fools that breathe fear into a toilet flush.

War mongers pummel hope and love to a putrescent pool of effluence,
Snickering at the weak while their killing compounds the hell around.

Mothers weep for their children gone mad in the hate parade,
Broken souls never again will walk the path of innocence.

Fear wraps it cloak around our bodies not with warmth, but to devour,
The trap was set long ago when truth faded from sight.

Scream in pain for wonder, glory, and greatness,
Infinity of peace, in Gods heaven bright.

As the weapons you make, take all that is good,
into forever night.

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