Posted by Thad on March 11, 19106 at 21:25:28:

Cranberry skies fade to a peach cream moon,
Radiating light on sand stone monoliths.
Crisp night feathers darkness like a curtain,
Pine tree finger silhouettes on ancient rocks.

Cougar cry rasps the silence, startling an owl,
Whose whisper wings soar above the ridges.
A cold breeze pushes sand into waterless waves,
Reflective dark streams in moons increasing light.

Sidewinder breaks the glowing lines mixing black white,
Subtle rattles in a rhythmic pattern of sound.
Kangaroo rat races to the sheltering cliffs,
In jumping erratic drive, escaping death this time.

Tiny foot prints in the sand, S curves behind,
Washed away by the persistent wind.

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