pebble in water; gravel on concrete

Posted by dunne on February 12, 19106 at 16:04:37:

the playground scene in 1974
was different than today

we were rough and rugged
and our parents were not of the new age t.l.c. persuasion

"rugby" on the parking lot...
gang on tackle
concrete gravel

"don't dare narc to sister marianne!"

(jesus doesn't give a damn...)

our rules were loose
and the goals
were trees and traffic signs
wide enough for two goalies
and at the spot
where the snowplows dumped mountains high enough
that you could see for miles
five months of the year

come spring
that ground was mud and slush
until the first hot day in may
solidified it all;
weeds poking through the cracks
trampled down
by 9 year olds in toughskins
as they slid in to the goals

i will never forget the glory
of that day in june
the final recess of the year
with the game tied 2-2
and bill smith's kick heading just inside the tree

whether it was divine intervention
or just the will to win
i dove with all my super-human strength
suddenly airborne
arms outstretched and eyes closed
slow-motion like the hi-light films
pulling that blistering ball
tightly into my chest
landing on that tree and snapping it in half
with a "RRRRRRRIIIIPPPPP!" of the toughskins
gravel and blood on elbows
and the pride of knowing
that i would go down in history
as the kid who made "the save"

truth be told... my sole "reward"
was the wrath of sister marianne
who dragged me down to sister lydia
to hear her signature lecture
(a staple of the "sisters of perpetual varicose veins")
that i was "like a pebble in water"
and my ripples spread out
to affect all those around me

needless to say...
over the years i must have affected a lot of people

copyright 2006

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