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Lecture with Raw Food Demonstration


Supported by latest scientific research

Raw Food Expert and dynamic speaker Tonya Zavasta,

author of the books Beautiful On Raw: UnCooked Creations and Your Right to Be Beautiful: How to Halt the Train of Aging and Meet the Most Beautiful You, named a 2004 Health Book of the Year Award finalist

Optimal Health!
Vibrant Energy!
Youthful Glow!

At this 2- Hour Workshop you will learn the secrets of:

How to alleviate or completely eliminate any degenerative disease
How to reach an ideal weight and have boundless energy
How to reverse the aging process and enjoy impressive youthfulness
How to get rid of eye bags, eliminate puffiness, and add a polished glow to your face
How to prepare delicious green smoothie that acts in your body as “Elixir of Youth”

Monday, the 5th of December 2005
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Living Light House
12th street
Santa Monica
CA 90401
Sponsored by The living Light House (

Special Low Fee: $20 per person payable at the door

Space is limited, reserve your place now
For reservations call Don at 310-395-6337 or email to:

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