Art of Breathing workshop with Matthew Cohen- 01/28/06, 2pm-5pm

Posted by Garden of Yoga on January 23, 19106 at 14:13:24:

A Pranayama Workshop with Matthew Cohen:The Art of Breathing

This workshop will focus on six breathing techniques from the Yogic Tradition to bring the body into brilliance, including:
1. Ujjayi Pranayama-Full yogic breath for asana and beyond.
2. Nadi Sodhana Pranayama-Alternate breath to balance the body.
3. Kapalabhati-A kriya to aid digestion and tone the abdominal muscles.
4. Cleansing Breath-To detoxify and deeply cleanse the respiratory system.
5. The Boost-A rare, powerful and unique breath for the immune system.
6. Taoist-"Breath of the Immortals" for mental focus.

For all levels- Please register early, space is limited. Cost is $30.

Located at Garden of Yoga. Please call 818-932-9849 for more information,
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