July 4th Picnic at Cali-Camp

Posted by Safety Harbor Kids on June 22, 19109 at 10:38:38:

Safety Harbor Kids
Send a Child to Camp Day at Cali-Camp in Topanga Supporting our Backpacks for Kids in Need Program

Helping local orphans, foster youth and homeless children
While teaching your children the power of giving

July 4th Picnic, Saturday 10:00AM - 3:00PM
(Volunteers Arrive between 8:00AM-9:00AM)
Cali-Camp on Big Rock Ranch, 1717 Old Topanga Canyon Rd. Topanga, CA 90290

This is an UNBELIEVABLE day! Cali-Camp is amazing! $20 Includes food! Safety Harbor Kids Members FREE! Bring the whole family! www.calicamp.com

Community Challenge! We are in need of support in the following areas
to make this event happen. The children need your help!

"Give Where You Live"

Please help these wonderful and deserving children with a donation, membership or help with one of the below categories to make this day the most special day in a needy childs' life! To make a difference please call (310) 455-0354 or (800) 277-0497 TODAY

Event Agenda Item Challenge
1.Transportation for 60 Homeless Children Need $750 for Bus
2.Insurance for Event Need $550 for Insurance
3.Food for 350 (burgers, hot dogs and buns) Need $600
6.Cooking Class supplies (lettuce, tomato, etc.) Need $300
12.Pie Eating Contest! Need 15 PIES! All flavors.
16.Swimming Lessons Need two Lifeguards
17.40 foot Rope Challenge Coarse and Zip Line! Nicholas Goehner,(need 5 others)
18.Golf Lessons Need golf Instructor
19.Slip 'N Slide Need body surfer/helper
20.Art Contest Need prizes ribbons or gifts
21.Writing Contest Need Pens and prizes
23.Drinks/Ice/Water for 350 Need Drinks,Ice,Water
26.Breakfast snacks and juice for 150 kids Need snacks and juice
27.Plates, Cups, napkins, utensils for 350 Need plates, cups, utensils
28.Burger and Hot Dog fixens Need cheese, condiments
29.150 Backpacks full of school supplies Need 148 backpacks
30.Dress for Success class Oracle Salon, Malibu
31.New Clothes for homeless and foster kids Need new clothes for kids
32.Sponsor Entire Event $9,500

Challenge Items Already Met:
4.Bar-B-Q gas and grill met by Safety Harbor Kids, 5. Cooking Class (salad making and grilling) met by Jason Dreizen, 7.Fishing Class met by Flo Florez, 8.Tennis Class by Cynthia Randall and Mark Hutchison, 9.Woodcrafts (sailboat making) and soccer skills by Joachim Weisel, 11.Creative Dramatics (skits and talent contest) by Jane Marla Robbins, 13.Music lessons by Senatore/Holland 14.Art Instruction and Art Contest by Lindzi Lynn, 15.Career Counseling by Police, Fire Dept., 22.Leadership and Wilderness hike by J. Williams, 31. 60 new t-shirts and light balls, Carol Kashima

Who We Are: Safety Harbor Kids is a local 501c3 helping local orphans, foster and homeless children ages 6-19 through education in the areas of college, career and arts.

Who We Serve: Supporting children in group homes within 50 miles of Malibu, the children we serve have nothing. Most of these children have no family or are homeless children living on the streets. These children get no family gatherings. No birthday cards. No holiday gifts. No one to trust. No one to help.

How We Help: At our Special Events held around the holidays, Safety Harbor Kids members and donors provide support to these children through our organization with music and art lessons, college and career development and personal growth programs and holiday gifts.

How You can Help: Our next Special Event is July 4th and we are in dire need of support for our kids! Our 3rd Annual Send a Kid to Camp Day is geared to help children learn self esteem, happiness counseling, leadership and wilderness, music, art and career development.

For more Information go to: www.SafetyHarborKids.org

Make a positive difference in a childs' tomorrow. It only takes one touch to heal a heart.

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