Campaign to Save Topanga State Park

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Keep Topanga State Park Open

On January 10, 2008 Ruth Coleman, Director of California Department of Parks and Recreation, announced that Topanga State Park would be one of the 48 State Parks closed if Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposal to cut $13.3 million from the state parks budget is approved.

Residents of Los Angeles County who are opposed to the closure of Topanga State Park and other local parks need to contact the Governor and their state legislators immediately and ask them to work to keep our parks open. Let them know you oppose closing any of our California State Parks. Please act immediately as the state budget is now under consideration.

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• Topanga State Park is among the top 20 % of most visited state parks in California and is used by almost half a million people a year. It is 13,000 acres in size, and lies entirely within the City of Los Angeles.

• Topanga State Park is one of our state’s remarkable wilderness parks. Yet, it is accessible to a huge and diverse urban population who enjoy the park for hiking, biking, horseback riding, birding, and taking pleasure in nature. There are about 50 miles of trails in the park including 18 miles of the 70 mile Backbone Trail of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Topanga State Park is very porous to adjacent neighborhoods and access is mostly by foot or bike from dozens of entrances and hundreds of backyards. It would be virtually impossible to keep people out.

• Topanga State Park is a unique outdoor classroom for thousands of Los Angeles schoolchildren who might not otherwise have nature experiences in a wilderness setting. Such experiences are essential in helping children learn more effectively and appreciate the wonders of our natural environment.

• Trying to close Topanga State Park would be extremely shortsighted. This park is bordered by densely inhabited urban residential areas and busy roads and highways. The damage from unsupervised visitors, lack of use, and no maintenance could cost far more than the cost of keeping the park open.
Closure could also put surrounding areas, including Topanga Canyon, in jeopardy, since having large numbers of illicit visitors could increase the possibilities for wildfire.

Please take action and write, phone, or fax your state legislators today.

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Email Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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E-mail or call Schwarzenegger’s Los Angeles Office Director, Billie Greer…

Ruth Coleman, Director, Dept. of Parks and Recreation,1416 Ninth St., Sacramento, CA 95814

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