“Different way to view Nature in Topanga Canyon” / Tue. 10/16

Posted by Topanga Creek Watershed Committee on October 10, 19107 at 15:06:44:

“Different way to view Nature in Topanga Canyon” A presentation by Richard W. Halsey is NOT this Saturday the 6th as said in the Calendar Section of the Topanga Messenger.

It will be Froggy's Restaurant, Tuesday, October 16 from 7:00-9:00pm

And don’t Forget to Join us October 13th, 3 pm at the Mountain Mermaid to hear Dr. David Kennedy (Dentist/Activist) speak regarding Fluoridating Topanga's Water.

Visit our Website… www.topangacreekwatershedcommittee.org for additional information.

The Topanga Creek Watershed Committee, Topanga Canyon Docents, and T-CEP invite you to Froggy's Restaurant, Tuesday, October 16 from 7:00-9:00pm for a “Different way to view Nature in
Topanga Canyon” A presentation by Richard W. Halsey… Halsey, a respected scientist, firefighter, and author of “Fire, Chaparral, and Survival in Southern California”, which was written following the 2003 Firestorm.

Learn from Mr. Halsey about the fragile Topanga Ecosystem and Fire Ecology focusing on chaparral…The only species can be said to represent the State of California’s most characteristic wilderness. Within every micro-climate of the Natural Communities in California there is only one thing that they have in common: the chaparral.

Show your support and thanks to Lance Roberts (Owner of Froggy’s) for Donating his eatery by arriving early and purchase some of Topanga’s most signature dishes.

After dinner Halsey will explore the chaparral's unique natural history, its importance to Topanga ecosystem and the Surrounding areas, and why it represents such a vital link to nature for all Californians. We will also be discussing the way fire functions right here in the canyon and the best way to reduce fire risk in the canyon by starting from the house out rather than from the brush in.

The Topanga Creek Watershed Committee’s hope is that Mr. Halsey will help us to become better stewards of our local environment, and to help Topanga become more fire safe at the same time. Please come learn about this amazing place we live in, and how we can keep it safe as well as beautiful.

Richard W. Halsey is a writer, naturalist, and the founder/director of The California Chaparral Institute.

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