│Tantilizing, mesmerizing...both uplifting and melancholy, haunting vocals and a synth-laden soundscape intertwine to create a truly seductive debut. The album shows an obvious joy in layering and production and displays both modern and classic beauty...▓ - West Coast Music Magazine

Modern. Passionate. Emotional. All adjectives that describe this hot up and coming 25 year old╣s musical stylings. Following a long line of musical ground breakers from Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, Celeste Lear, an electronic music programmer, skilled vocalist and electric guitarist, breaks the confines of gender-labels in Rock and Electronic music by self producing modern, emotionally-driven songs out of her home based recording studio in Topanga. Creatively blending together the musical styles of alternative rock, jazz and electronica, and inspired by artists such as Bjork, Beck, Sarah Mc Laughlin, POE, Moby and Portishead, Celeste crafts unique, moody and modern soundscapes. Personally illuminating lyrics, reflective of a female╣s perspective on life in these modern times, tell tales of love and fears, politics in an era of drastic change and the constant struggle to find one╣s self in confusing times.

Granddaughter of the late Lear Jet and 8 Track Cassette inventor Bill Lear, Celeste comes from a world famous, creative, Air-born family. Celeste is a unique musician in that she is actually deaf in one ear from a car accident that she endured at age 16. Dubbed │One Ear Lear▓ by her friends, Celeste went on to study music theory at Cabrillo Community College in Santa Cruz and got a degree in sound engineering and music business from San Francisco State University. Catching the ears of producer David Hauser (Supreme Beings of Leisure, Chris Squire) Celeste recorded a batch of songs with him in Reno, Nevada in 2003 and shortly after returning to Topanga had received attention from Arista Records, had won 1st place in the dance category in an international songwriting contest and had the same song placed on a compilation CD called │Femme Fatale▓ (Toucan Cove Records). DJ │Dirty Dave▓ (KCLA) said her music is │sexy and modern, full of emotion and catchy electronic sounds▓.

Currently playing and touring with a talented 4 piece band Celeste╣s full length album is currently in the works and scheduled for release Summer of 2005. Please visit her site at www.celestelear.com for more info, a beautiful music video and MP3s.

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