UFOs Over Topanga!

We're trying to get a shot of one--keep checking back. Here's a reprint of UFOs Over Topanga published July 2, 1992 in the Messenger. (by permission of the editor).

A book by Preston Dennett, "UFOs over Topanga Canyon" is available at local Topanga stores, and other bookstores.

Interview With The Caretaker, Kedric Wolfe. Q: Why did you paint the Buddha mural and how did you do it? KW: Well, the wall was always full of grafitti and the spot was a real eyesore, so I got in there and cleaned it up. Then one day I received a flyer from a meditation group and on this flyer was a Buddha image. Liz Shepherd, David Totheroh and I made a slide of the image. One night we took a generator and a slide projector out to the wall, projected the buddha image across the road and spent the entire night tracing it on the wall. In the daylight we painted it, replacing the beggar's bowl in the Buddha's hands with the earth.

At right, the late Marshall Auspitz (left) and Kedric (right) aping around during a break in the painting.
Interview With The Caretaker

This Buddhist painting has watched over Topanga for years from its roadside sanctuary on the Boulevard. But who created it and who's been maintaining the mural through periodic attacks by vandals? From the mouths of Topanga's own, came the clues to track 'em down.

Q: Do you know who did the Buddha mural on the boulevard?

Witness #1: Lynda Sparrow, "No. I have no idea."

Witness #2: Leigh Bloom, "I know Kedric Wolfe had something to do with it."

Witness #3: Wally High, "Kedric Wolfe painted it. Some vandals spray painted it two years ago and he came out one morning, I saw him up there, and he did it again."

Performance Art Installation?

Some say it's a building project gone sour. Driving by at 45mph, you'd swear the cinderblock walls just drooped over in the heat. But upon closer inspection one detects a bit of method to the madness that is the house that Per built...or is building...or would like to be building.

Clues...the curly walls are designed for noise abatement and the cinderblocks are specified for heat absorption such that, as the sun rises heat penetrates at the rate of "one inch per hour", as the sun falls heat dissipates at the same rate. This house will need no heating equipment. Folks in the midwest are laughing and saying that goes without argument! Nevertheless, it has reached as low as twenty degrees on a February morning.

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