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TopangaOnline is our hometown in cyberspace.  Topanga Talk is our town square. Pull up a garden bench, rest your feet on that handy stump. We invite you to join us for a bit of mischief and neighborly conversation in the sunshine. At night, consider this our campfire. We extend an invitation to share your stories and a bit of your lives with us here.

This is a place to celebrate the fun of living in Topanga, to sidle up to controversy, solve problems, strike up stimulating conversations, explore new ideas, express opinions and enjoy each other's company. We ask that the same level of courtesy and manners that you bring to public chat at the Community House, Post Office or local grocery store be observed here. We support energetic dialogue, but if you consider online bullying, flames and defamation to be a form of sport, please enjoy such pastimes elsewhere. Also, our definition of "profanity" includes words made to visually appear as profane words. Messages which are cryptic or appear not to carry a meaning will be deleted. To avoid deletion, it is best to use at least a complete sentence and a web address for reference.

Topanga Talk was established as an anonymous forum where registered members can discuss ideas without resort to personal attacks. While this policy does not offer real protection from slights or criticism against a fictitious screen name, references or creative "clues" to another's real identity are not permitted. Also not permitted is the identification of yourself unless your screen name (handle) bears your real name.

In the interests of maintaining the noncommercial spirit of Topanga Talk, our Webmaster may occasionally remove comments which appear to be mainly advertorial.  Two recent additions to the site provide visitors with clearly defined alternatives for posting information about their businesses and about Topanga related events. The Topanga Online Business Directory is free--please jump over and add your business listing today.   A Community Calendar is now available where local events can be listed.

Within TopangaOnline there are classified pages, banner ads, and commercial sections in which our sponsors tell the community about their businesses. If you 'd like to be a sponsor you can contact us
and we'll be happy for you to join our family of community-minded people who make this site possible. We'd be honored to have you join us. We're happy to see you here. Enjoy your visit, and visit again often.

Nothing in these guidelines obligates the site administrators to remove or leave in-place any particular message. Removal and non-removal of messages are at the sole discretion of the site administrators.

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